Crazy Curt Gets Caught Again

Curt, friend of the Moonies - WonketteWhat'd Weldon do now? Taking a break from taking massive bribes from sketchy Russian defense companies -- sorry, we meant "innocently funneling bribes to his daughter's company" -- Curt decided to do some Opposition Research by hitting up the Pentagon for dirt on Joe Sestak.

Good move, Curt! Surely nobody will squawk about that. After all, Sestak was only a Navy Rear Admiral.

So, is this a federal crime or just another blatant violation of congressional ethics? Both!

House ethics guidelines and U.S. criminal code prohibit government officials or their staffs or campaigns from using their official positions for partisan political or campaign purposes, such as obtaining information about a political opponent from employees at executive branch agencies.
E-mails allege that Curt Weldon's office attempted to obtain information on his opponent from the Navy [The American Prospect]

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