Crazy Dingbats Want Their Own Special Month To Promote 'Confederacy Awareness'


  • Bart Stupak voted for mandatory abortions and now he is going to retire, like an enormous yellow belly? Textbook case cut-and-run. [RedState]

  • Holy crap, Andrew Sullivan taught a Roomba how to fold his undergarments! [The Daily Dish]

  • Barack Obama wants NASCAR to convince teenage hicks that texting whilst driving is dangerous and stupid -- two concepts quite familiar to NASCAR. [Washington Whispers]

  • Matt Yglesias has a few wise words about the War of Yankee Aggression, and why maybe "The War of Yankee Aggression History Month" is a good idea. [Matt Yglesias]

  • A fellow from East Texas put DIY pipe bombs in a whole bunch of his neighbors' mailboxes, which is a perfectly normal thing to do when you're "disenchanted" with the government, but not specifically your neighbors. (They're just the only ones around.) [Think Progress]


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