Crazy Mark McKinnon Makes Good On Pledge, Quits McCain Campaign

Whoa, someone on the McCain campaign -- lead media strategist Mark McKinnon -- isn't a complete liar! And all it took to prove this was his resignation. McKinnon -- who worked on both Bush Jr. campaigns before selling his soul to WALNUTS! -- has been saying for a freaking year that if Obama were the Democratic nominee, he would quit the McCain team, because he thinks Obama's too good a guy to smear. (He has issues, and he wears a cowboy hat). Lo and behold, McKinnon confirmed this afternoon that he is "transitioning, shifting position from linebacker to head cheerleader," meaning he is a homosexual. Just know this, Mark: when Muslim Obama captures the White House and uses it to send nukes into West Virginia, the blood will be on your hands. [The Fix/Washington Post]


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