Creepy Attack Ad Watch: What's Up, Tiger Lieberman?

Except for the fact that Joe Lieberman's voice gives us a migraine, we don't have a dog in the Lamont/Lieberman primary fight (because, after all, Ned Lamont's voice is fine but he clearly has CRAZY EYES). But this ad deserves to be showcased, because it, like Joe Lieberman's voice and Ned Lamont's crazy eyes, is creepy as hell. Mostly for that Michael Jackson's "Black or White" morph at the end. (Crazy Eyes Lamont should totally head to a soundstage alley and start destroying cars and turning into a puma at the end!)

Sure, it lacks the quiet, refined dignity of, say, a Vernon Robinson ad, but as character defamation goes, sticking your words into the mouth of the President is pretty good stuff. That's why Bono can't get elected dogcatcher in this town, after all.


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