Creepy State Rep. Brings Endless Cummer Magic to NC

Suck it, baby - WonketteFrom North Carolina comes the story of (now former) state legislator David Almond, Republican, who resigned from the General Assembly yesterday one day after allegations surfaced that he'd caught the Endless Cummer excitement. Almond, apparently an insurance agent, "exposed himself in front of a female employee and chased her around the room yelling 'Suck it, baby, suck it.'" Just a little fun!

While Almond may not look like the type to chase a lady around a room Benny Hill-style, it's become apparent recently that no Republican elected official in the nation can resist the urge to commit unsettling and slightly hilarious acts of sexual impropriety.

It has not been determined yet how exactly Almond is linked to Rudy Giuliani, but he probably works for him in some capacity.

If you are an elected pervert, now would be a good time to change parties, because no one notices when Democrats go around fucking hookers and taking drugs.

Republican Rep. Exposed Himself to Female Employee, Chased Her Screaming, "Suck It" [AlterNet]

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