Crippled War Vets Tell Cheney To Get Bent


Despised warmonger Dick Cheney continues to be an evil sack of shit who can't even pretend to like war veterans. The hate-filled colostomy bag was scheduled to lecture a group of injured war veterans about how he evaded the draft through five deferments, but the veterans group finally told him to get fucked after he demanded the maimed heroes be sequestered for hours before he delivered his bitter propaganda.

Cheney was supposed to speak at the Disabled Veterans of America convention in Las Vegas next month, but the evil scumsack demanded the old, crippled soldiers go through a humiliating security process and then be locked in the auditorium for two hours before Cheney would deliver his canned bullshit -- and nobody would be allowed to leave until the asshole finished!

Many of the vets are elderly and left pieces of themselves on foreign battlefields since World War II, and others were crippled by recent service in Iraq and Afghanistan. For health reasons, many can't be stuck in a room for hours.

"It was a huge imposition on our delegates," added David Autry, another Disabled American Veterans official.

Autry said vets would've had to get up "at Oh-dark-30 and try to get breakfast and showered and get their prosthetics on." Once inside, they "could not leave the meeting room, and the bathrooms are outside," he said.

So the war heroes told the evil creep to eat shit and die, the end.

Injured vets tell pull Dick Cheney invitation over security demands [New York Daily News]


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