Critics Urge Wolfowitz to Resign and Spend More Time on his Lawn

The perfect home were it not for that monster Dennis next door - WonketteWorld Bank President Paul Wolfowitz: Is he resigning? Have talks halted? Most importantly, is he a good neighbor?

While a straight answer on the first two questions seems impossible to find, anyone who picked up the Times today can figure out the last one. One creepy tipster explains:

I saw the photo of Wolfie leaving his Chevy Chase house in the New York Times. Ooooh, fancy, I thought. Wolfie probably lives in one of those huge houses in Kenwood or off Connecticut where he plots out global evil in his conservatory. Curious, I saw the house number in the photo (7104), googled +7104 +"chevy chase" +"wolfowitz", and found out his address. Punched it in, and... Paul Wolfowitz's socks are in better shape than his residence. The aerial photo from Zillow shows his house (at the corner of [redacted, though we're not sure why we're bothering]) is not only nothing special (for what it's worth, 1600 square feet, 1.5 baths, 1950's era rancher) but has no landscaping -- NONE -- and the grass on his front yard is totally dead, a big patch of yellowy brown on a block full of green lawns. There's a few white aluminum deck chairs spread out, white-trash-style, on his bare front deck. Apparently he also drives a bright red SUV (or maybe that's his girlfriend's -- either way, it's parked in his driveway).

The next door neighbor has planted a huge row of hedges and trees, no doubt so that he doesn't have to look at his asshole next door neighbor / all around scumbag / warmonger / World Bank president.

Paul Wolfowitz: Shitty World Bank President, shitty homeowner. Unfortunately, he refuses to resign from his community board until they clear him of all wrongdoing and give his girlfriend a free house.

Wolfowitz Said to Push for Deal to Quit [NYT]


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