Racial Stereotypes Would Like To Send 'Fellow Minority' To Congress


Here is Democrat Dan Adler of California, who is releasing a series of ridiculous Web ads these days to bring attention to his run for Jane Harman's seat in Congress. It's working, because this ad seems a little offensive! Not that it's wrong to have a thick accent and work in a laundromat if you choose to. You have that freedom, you know? "America: Go Nuts!™" And you have the freedom to constantly interrupt people by yelling "I'M KOREEEEAN!" at them, if you choose to do so! This lady didn't end that by hitting a gong, though, because she's subtle. In other ads: Patty Duke, tight male bikinis, and swearing children. Democracy!

Okay, sure! His child says "shit," which is another term for "poop!"

Our favorite part of his ads is the Dan Adler signs people just have posted random places; for example, on this basketball hoop, or in the Korean lady video, the guy walking by at the beginning carrying a sign. Californians are so crazy! They probably sprinkle Dan Adler signs on their California pizza and use them as toys in their disgusting California sex acts. [TPM]


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