'Crucified Santa' Holiday Display Goes Over As Well As You'd Expect


Is it Xmasween time already, kids? Not if the furious Christians of Loudoun County, Virginia have anything to say about it! A holiday display on the courthouse lawn featuring a crucified Santa skeleton was reduced to ruins thanks to a bilious outpouring of fury from the Jesus people, and more specifically because one enraged woman stopped by to personally tear it apart. The point of the display according to the artist was to "depict society's materialistic obsessions and addictions and how it is killing the peace, love, joy and kindness that is supposed to be prevalent during the holiday season," which is naturally a sentiment deeply offensive to Christians, because of Santa being one of the original twelve apostles and, uh... what else, mall shopping being a holy sacrament? Anyway, more importantly, WHO IS TO BLAME FOR ALLOWING THIS ABOMINATION IN THE FIRST PLACE???

Hahahaha, it's the easy answer: Christians did!

Leesburg Today reports on this hilarious "whoops" move by the nutters:

The debate over the courthouse displays began in November 2009, when the county's Courthouse Grounds Facility Committee decided to no longer allow any displays--including the manger scene that usually was displayed at the corner of King and Market streets--on the grounds during the holiday season. Public outcry ensued, including calls that the decision was infringing on residents' religious freedom, and the Board of Supervisors a few days later overturned the committee decision, saying all displays were welcome on the courthouse grounds. County Attorney John R. Roberts advised the board its options were to allow all displays, or none, and that they could not limit displays based on content.

Under rules adopted by the Board of Supervisors, 10 displays have been allowed in 10 specific locations on the courthouse grounds, with applications accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all the spots are taken. This year, all of the applications were submitted by March and a majority of them came from atheists or those promoting "reason over religion" this holiday season. Two displays will promote the "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster."

The Xmasween Santa may not have survived, but residents will still be able to enjoy some of these fine displays that also made the list by virtue of being submitted on time:

• A sign showing a picture of the Easter Bunny, Santa and Jesus Christ with text that states, "Myths for Young and Old," a quote from Thomas Edison and information about the Loudoun Atheists, submitted by Leesburg resident Emmert Elsea.

• A banner with the text "Celebrating our Constitution" and language about keeping church and state separate, submitted by Leesburg resident Rick Wingrove. The banner comes from American Atheists and NOVA Atheists.

• A banner promoting "reason in the holiday season," submitted by Lansdowne resident Larry Mendoza.

• A holiday display that will either be a Tree of Knowledge or a holiday message sign, from Sterling resident Lydia Rice.

Sneaky atheists, thinking about Christmas back in March before all those holiday ads go up to remind everyone to buy more shit. It's almost like cheating! [Leesburg Today/The Friendly Atheist]


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