Cruz And Hawley Disappointed In Biden For Tearing Country Apart, Noting Their Role In Attempted Coup

Cruz And Hawley Disappointed In Biden For Tearing Country Apart, Noting Their Role In Attempted Coup

Last week, Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz were all set to oppose the Senate's counting of the electoral votes, on the grounds that maybe the election was stolen from Donald Trump. This process was interrupted when a bunch of zealots attempted to stage a coup and overthrow the government because they believed Donald Trump when he said he won the election in a landslide, and were encouraged by Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz giving those views credence.

Yesterday, President elect Joe Biden criticized Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley for pushing this bullshit, saying they were partially responsible for the fact that this happened and compared their actions to Joseph Goebbels' mantra of repeating a lie so often it becomes the truth. Which is exactly what they and Trump and every idiot who went along with it but probably should have known better was doing. Ted Cruz even said that the main reason he was pushing this was because so many people believe that the election was rigged, and therefore there must be something to it.

His entire rationale was pretty much "Well, enough people believe this wrong thing that maybe it's true!?!?" and that is just not how anything works. Especially when the reason people have doubts is because you keep saying "there are doubts." It is a vicious circle!

Here is the statement Josh Hawley or Josh Hawley's staff had the gall to actually write:

"President-elect Biden has just compared me and another Republican Senator to Nazis. You read that correctly. Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in. Because I raised questions in the format prescribed by the laws of the United States about the way elections were conducted in the state of Pennsylvania, just as Democrats did about other states in 2001, 2005, and 2017, he is calling me a Nazi. This is undignified, immature, and intemperate behavior from the President-elect. It is utterly shameful. He should act like a dignified adult and retract these sick comments. And every Democrat member of congress should be asked to disavow these disgusting comments."

OH COME THE FUCK ON. After Trump? You think you can try this after Trump? While defending a weird lie you told in hopes of getting Trump in office for a few more years? Once you vote for Trump, once you support Trump, you relinquish your right to ever, ever suggest anyone act like a dignified adult.

Hawley was not "just asking questions." He was asking questions that had already been answered for the express purpose of raising doubt about the answers.

If I say "Hey, Josh Hawley! Do you think Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer?" and Josh Hawley were to say "No, I think that the Zodiac Killer is Arthur Leigh Allen" (Josh Hawley is not very swift and so I would therefore assume he would not know that Arthur Leigh Allen was exonerated a couple decades ago by DNA evidence), and then I waited five minutes and then asked him that same question again, got the same answer and asked again, it would be clear that I did not believe Hawley's original answer. Both Hawley and Cruz were given answers that they didn't like and then they kept asking them in hopes that the answer would change.

(For the record, I do not believe that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. He is not old enough to be the Zodiac Killer or smart enough to come up with any good ciphers. If pressed I would say that I lean towards Lawrence Kane.)

Speaking of Cruz, here is his statement, in which he accuses Biden of doing "vicious partisan rhetoric" and not promoting any healing.

Here, for the record, is what Ted Cruz said about funding Obamacare back in 2013, via Talking Points Memo:

"If you go to the 1940s, Nazi Germany," Cruz said. "Look, we saw in Britain, Neville Chamberlain, who told the British people, 'Accept the Nazis. Yes, they'll dominate the continent of Europe but that's not our problem. Let's appease them. Why? Because it can't be done. We can't possibly stand against them.'"

"And in America there were voices that listened to that," he continued. "I suspect those same pundits who say it can't be done, if it had been in the 1940s we would have been listening to them. Then they would have made television. They would have gotten beyond carrier pigeons and beyond letters and they would have been on tv and they would have been saying, 'You cannot defeat the Germans.'"

Just so we're clear — people having healthcare? Just like the Nazis. People pushing the same lie over and over again until people believe it, to the point where they are willing to commit extreme acts in furtherance of the ambitions of a charismatic leader? NOT NAZI.

I would just like to point out that many of the people storming the capitol on Wednesdays were, in fact, actual Nazis and white supremacists.

Quite frankly, I really, really wish Biden had not done the whole "Hooray for unity and civility!" thing. He has been around long enough to know that saying something like that means that Republicans are going to spend the next four years going "TEACHER! Biden (or whoever else) isn't doing UNITY!" every time they are criticized, while still continuing to say horrible things about everyone else. It is how they roll.

Their idea of a unified relationship with Democrats is not entirely dissimilar from the relationship Veruca Salt had with her father. They act like assholes, they say whatever they want, they do whatever they want, we give them whatever they want, and then we pat them on the head and tell them they are the most wonderfullest salt-of-the-earth patriots in all the land, and assure them that we know that even though they want to pass laws that hurt poor people, people of color, LGBTQ people and women, or when they want to start stupid wars for stupid reasons or invade the wrong country, that they are good people with good hearts and we love them.

It's the same reason we had to stop using the term "tolerance." It never helps to be sincere when you are dealing with disingenuous asswipes who will just keep screaming "I know you are but what am I?" over and over again into eternity.

It has been A DAY AND A HALF! And now it is your open thread, unless there is a thermonuclear war. in which case Rebecca says I have to come back and write up the thermonuclear war. Enjoy!

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