Crybaby President Can't Handle Saturday Night Live Making Jokes About Him.


When I close my eyes and picture George H.W. Bush, I do not picture actual George H.W. Bush. I picture Dana Carvey as George H.W. Bush. Since SNL first premiered in 1975, they've been making fun of whoever the President is. Since the dawn of their even being presidents, comedians have made fun of whoever the president is. There are probably people out there who could tell you exactly nothing about Gerald Ford other than "He fell down a lot? I guess?" Making fun of whoever's in charge -- for those not living in a country where such a thing could land them in jail or executed -- is what humans do. Generally speaking, most leaders -- in America, anyway -- have taken this in stride, as it is something that happens when you are President.

But apparently no one told Donald Trump that, because he is VERY UPSET about the fact that Saturday Night Live is making fun of him and it's not fair because they should only be doing skits about how he is super great and handsome and the best President ever. Why can't they do skits about that, huh?

It is, of course, completely legal to do satire about the President. For now, anyway. Technically, if Trump ever got his way and was able to magically undo The New York Times v. Sullivan, it actually might be a little more up in the air. I could also see him trying to pull a John Adams and trying to make it an act of sedition to criticize him. But alas, we're not quite there yet, and it is still very much legal to do satire about the President. It is also legal to report unflattering news about the President.

So let's see what upset Dear Leader so much, shall we?

It's a Wonderful Trump Cold Open - SNL

Is that even that harsh? If they'd wanted to be really harsh they could have shown life outside the White House without Trump as president. Though that probably would have been too cruel to the rest of us.

Anyway! It's Sunday! Eat some delicious breakfast foods at a later time than you normally eat breakfast foods, enjoy your open thread, and have a nice day!


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