Crying Nazi Pleads Guilty, Still Blames The JEEWWWZ

Chris Cantwell, the Crying Nazi, has been banned from Virginia for five years after pleading guilty to two counts of assault and battery. Poor baby.

Originally charged with felony use of gas for pepper spraying counter-protesters Emily Gorcenski and Kristopher Goad, the charges were reduced as part of a plea agreement. Cantwell is also being fined $250 for violating the terms of his bond after he relentlessly trolled his victims on social media. Rather than LOCK HIM UP (again), the court commuted his five month sentence provided he got the hell out of the state of Virginia within eight hours.

As he left the courthouse, Cantwell declined to speak to reporters, and instead called them "Jews." Charming.

Cantwell, 37, was one of the most familiar faces of "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, VA that ended with the murder of 32 year-old Heather Heyer, and dozens of injuries. Upon hearing local police had issued a warrant for his arrest following the August 11, 2017 torch light protest, Cantwell sobbed into a camera about being "terrified" of his "enemies." Charged with two counts of illegal use of tear gas and one count of malicious bodily injury with a caustic substance, Cantwell turned himself into police on August 24 and was held without bond. In December, Cantwell was indicited on tear gas charges, so internet Nazis saved up their lunch money and ponied up $25,000 to bail out Weepy.

He became famous when Vice News filmed him bragging about being "a lot more racist than Donald Trump," referring to Trayvon Martin as "some little black asshole behaving like a savage," and stating that it was a "plus" nobody was killed "unjustly" before adding that that a lot more people were going to die.

The guy defending Cantwell, and most the other Charolettesville Nazis, has been Elmer Woodard. He's not a Nazi, he just likes their jokes on Facebook, dresses like an old-timey steam boat captain, and works out of a roadside shack. Woodard has spent the better part of the trial saying Cantwell's years of well documented racial tirades were similar to a radio shock jock, or Jackie Mason's "take my wife, please," joke. During court proceedings, Woodard argued that that nobody can prove that Cantwell used pepper spray -- it could have been anything in those canisters labeled "pepper spray" and "tear gas."

This morning the New York Times reports that much of the city's leadership has changed in the aftermath of the riots.The chief of police is gone amid reports that local authorities allowed the violence to escalate, a number of city officials resigned in disgrace, and the new activist mayor has pushed to erase underlying racial tensions. In the wake of the riots, Charlottesville now debates the fate of Confederate statues, and increasing affordable housing. City council meetings have become raucous affairs, but at least there's progress.

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