Cuba Libre Brings Sweet Foodie Freedom To DC

If American Freedom came to Cuba in the form of expensive restaurants for the New Cuban Yuppies, could they finally dine like the wealthy D.C. citizens of Socialist Obamaland? Yes they could! The Cubanos would all gather at fancy new places likeCuba Libre, a fine-dining establishment in Penn Quarter offering Nuevo Cubano food such as black-bean hummus, green plantains and organic popcorn.

They would sip on one of the 75 varieties of rum the restaurant serves while marveling at the wonder of a free society where meatballs are made with beef, pork and pine nuts.

Is the Cuban food served at Cuba Libre authentic? What is authentic Cuban food? What is Cuba? Is pineapple an excellent addition to guacamole? Yes, yes it is.

There may not be anything better in this world than rum-glazed pork.

Cubans would probably hope that after 50 years of scarcity under the U.S. embargo, the New Age food being served in their name at Cuba Libre is sustainable and locally harvested. Luckily, all the ceviches -- inducing the Maryland crab meat ceviche and organic salmon ceviche with salmon caviar -- are sustainably harvested from the sea.

Cuba Libre fulfills that liberal-foodie need to dine upon delicious ethnic cuisine while contemplating history, imperialism, the Caribbean and the fact that Fidel Castro and his revolution have outlasted 10 American presidencies so far.

Be sure to order the rice pudding.

Cuba Libre, 9th & H Streets, NW Washington DC 20001.


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