Cuddly Bee Character On Hamas Kids' Show Shares Whimsical Jew-Killing Tips

Cuddly Bee Character On Hamas Kids' Show Shares Whimsical Jew-Killing Tips

ThisHamas teevee show for kids, Pioneers of Tomorrow, is pretty hardcore compared to American kids' shows. No messing around with letters or numbers or the Magic of Friendship; instead, this loveable Bee Guy explains the joys of attacking Jews to little Palestinian children. ¡No es bueno! And it's a pretty outrageous example of what Hamas is filling children's minds with right this very minute, or at least until 2009, and maybe in reruns, who knows?*

The bee character, Nahoul, was the successor to the beloved Mickey Mouse ripoff Farfour, who was beaten to death by an Israeli settler who wanted his land (the C & D from Disney played a role, too). In the video now making the rounds, Nahoul tells a little boy who's called the show to punch Jews and throw stones at them whenever he sees them, and to "Make their face red like a tomato." And one of the adorable little girl guests on the show says that if she grows up, she wants to be a policewoman, "so that I can shoot Jews."

Host: "All of them? All of them?"

Girl: "Yes."

Host: "Good."

The YouTube information suggests that this clip was broadcast on May 2, 2014, so who knows, maybe the show is in reruns? We should also note that Nahoul the Bee met his own unfortunate end in 2008, when he was sick  and Israeli border guards wouldn't let him go to an Egyptian hospital for treatment (a plotline eerily paralleled in this weekend's season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).

Never mind the fuss over Barack Obama telling kids to study and work hard -- this is some real indoctrination, right up there with Nazi children's books and North Korean kiddie propaganda. It's vile, racist, and unconscionable, especially since it's the kind of thing that decent Americans haven't considered fit for children since sometime in the 1970s, when Warner Brothers finally stopped syndicating WWII propaganda cartoons for use on afternoon TV kiddie shows.

*RawStory describes the video as a "recent episode" of the show; the source article they cite also notes that it seems to have ended in 2009, though other, similar programming has continued, minus the cartoony characters.

[Why Evolution is True via RawStory]

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