Curt Weldon's Top Secrets for Publishing Industry Success!

Conservative Congressman Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania apparently thinks America needs more military conflicts. In a new book called Countdown to Terror: The Top-Secret Information that Could Prevent the Next Terrorist Attack on America -- and how the CIA has Ignored it, he argues that the U.S. military must take after Iran or the land will run red with fire. The CIA dismisses the book -- and not just because it has a pompous title. Apparently the tome was based on a single source (all the kids are doing it!) and includes a lot of "Dear Curt" letters from the Iranian exile. No elected official has ever paid so much attention to constituent mail and it's a sure bet that Weldon will be offering other titles based on what floats into his inbox:

I've Got Radios in my Teeth: How the Government is Controlling the Minds of its Citizens.

My Water Pipe Broke, Please Fix It, Fancy Congressman

Afternoons with Sexy Knickers: The Pants Free Elevator Rides with Curt Weldon

Ayatollah You So: How U.S. Congressmen Can Make America More Enemies in the Middle East

Lawmaker's Book Warns of Iran [WaPo]


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