Cute Moderate Republicans Pretend the President Cares What They Think

A team of moderate House Republicans had an intense meeting with the White House earlier this week to let him know that they might eventually not try quite so hard to win the Iraq war, maybe.

It was an intense, lengthy meeting. Tears where shed, hugs exchanged, and everyone learned a little something about themselves. And at the end, the moderates left reassured that the President would take their advice and criticisms to heart, and the President continued saying the exact same shit he says daily about the importance of staying in Iraq forever and ever.

White House officials said Mr. Bush welcomed the observations of the lawmakers. "The president encouraged the members to give unvarnished opinions and views," said Dana Perino, a White House spokeswoman. She also noted a "persistent push" by the administration in recent days to put new pressure on the Iraqi government via a secure video conference by Mr. Bush with Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki and the surprise visit to Iraq by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Take that back to your districts, guys -- the President is winning the war with telecommuting. We can't pull out now, the next conference call could be the one that wins the war!

G.O.P. Moderates Warn Bush Iraq Must Show Gains [NYT]


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