Cynthia McKinney Ain't Got Nothing on Her

A reader emailed us this article with the following quip: "Harris and McKinney Are Rank Amateurs." After reading it, we're inclined to agree. Here are some excerpts:

senator%20ada%20l%20smith%20ada%20smith%20crazyy%20insane%20new%20york%20senator.jpgNew York State Sen. Ada Smith pleaded not guilty in court Thursday to assaulting a former aide, who was granted an order of protection against the Queens Democrat. Smith faces a misdemeanor charge of third-degree assault after she was accused of throwing hot coffee in the eyes of Jennifer Jackson of Albany, then a staffer.

The senator also pulled a hairpiece from Jackson's head. Jackson said she suffered injuries to her corneas, neck and shoulder, according to court documents.

Coffee throwing and hair pulling? Wow, we love it! Here's the best part:

Smith arrived at her office shortly after 9 a.m. on March 21 and commented to another staff member that she had lost 4.3 pounds. Jackson said she thought Smith would have lost more because of her active schedule. That prompted Smith's attack, Jackson said.

Jackson, 41, also reported that Smith threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the incident.

In a word: awesome. Jackson's comment sounds like friendly banter that got misinterpreted, but Smith still went apeshit on her. Imagine if Jackson had something genuinely insulting to Smith...

What's our view on the charges? Ada Smith sounds pretty guilty to us. Check out this ridiculously lame press release from her lawyer: "Ravi Batra, having been retained by Senator Smith, an 18 year veteran of a most dignified, honorable and August [sic] body..." To quote the Note, much as it pains us to do so: "blah blah blah."

When Smith has that press conference with Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte, then her goose will be officially cooked.

Update: Here is more information about Sen. Ada L. Smith.

State Senator Arraigned on Assault Charge [AP]

Ravi to the Rescue [The Daily Politics]


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