D.C. Bar Now Wishes It Hadn't Written That Post About Hating Mexicans


Somehow we missed the update on this:

That e-mail touched off a chain of responses ranging from promises to never patronize the bar again to a debate about the quality of the pub's burgers. But then Wonkette picked up the item, and all hell broke loose on Twitter. "Dear Black Squirrel, you're a bar. I come to you for good beer, not to support political grandstanding," wrote @consciousstream.

ALL of the hell broke loose on Twitter. The horrors! That sort of bloodshed has not been seen since World War II. "Twitter is Hell."

Apart from the blog, there's nothing particularly political about The Black Squirrel. With its exposed brick and framed copies of Sports Illustrated, it looks like a regular old bar from Anytown, USA. Its respectable list of craft beers on tap has earned it a loyal following over the last four years, and while Knott jokes that he's now the "bad guy," he also laments that he may have alienated some of his neighbors, who he says make up the bulk of his weekday customers.

"I'm mortified," he says. "If I had to do it all over again, obviously the blog was the worst idea ever."

Again, even worse than certain ideas certain people had during World War II! We apologize for inciting all of this violence and hope we aren't directly responsible for the death of all humanity that will happen soon, because of these people's Twitter accounts. [TBD]


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