Dad Who Natural Remedied His Son To Death To Speak At Health Convention

Dad Who Natural Remedied His Son To Death To Speak At Health Convention
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Remember David and Collett Stephan? The Canadian couple who tried and failed to cure their 19-month-old son's meningitis by refusing to take him to the hospital and instead giving him smoothies and other "natural remedies?" And who subsequently only got punished with four months in jail and three months on house arrest? Whell! They are actually being retried. Hopefully because someone realized that four months in jail for killing your infant son with St. John's Wort or whatever was an actual serious thing.

Via Calgary Herald:

Last May, the Supreme Court of Canada overturned their convictions and ordered a new trial for the Stephans after lawyers argued contrary evidence from medical experts led the trial judge to issue a misleading charge and did not "give the jury the tools that they needed to decide this case properly."

While he's waiting for the retrial, David Stephan is keeping himself busy. The Calgary Herald also reports that he is even planning on speaking at the Calgary Health Show taking place this weekend, where he will be speaking about how you too can murder your children the all natural way!

While most of the information pertaining to Stephan's appearance has been wiped from the internet (both the original page that featured him and the event's Facebook page are now "non-existent"), he is apparently giving talks both Saturday and Sunday on thyroid health and curing brain injuries with smoothies or some shit.

An event description of Stephan's Saturday talk indicates he will be providing information "on how you can simply improve your mental health, promote hormone balance, and advance your journey to becoming your best self through proper nutrient supplementation." On Sunday, his talk is focused on brain injury and recovery, the event's website states.

This is supposed to be a "health" expo, right? WHAT IS LESS HEALTHY THAN DEATH? Like, I want to know who the morons are that are out there thinking "Hey, let's listen to this guy whose natural remedies lead to the death of his own child... about health!" Death is the opposite of health! Gah!

Amazingly enough, Stephans is not even the most ridiculous-sounding bullshit on the roster.

This guy, who looks like a hedge fund manager, wants to tell you how to "reset your vibes" to make money and love and whatever come to you.

Look, if I'm going to be listening to anyone about vibes, it's going to be some batik-wearing friend of my mother's who never quite recovered from the '70s, ok? And that is only because I am very polite.

Then there's this guy, who is a professional kite flyer named Tristan.

Eating and exercising for your DNA!

Tragically, they do not have anyone speaking on my personal favorite health woo -- changing brown eyes blue, Crystal Gayle-style, with a raw food diet.

How My Eyes Changed Color Eating

So it doesn't seem so much like a "health" expo as it does an "absolute bullshit snake oil" expo. Which I suppose means the people bothering to attend it will be all that phased by a dude whose natural remedies murdered his son. Still, seems a little tacky!

[Calgary Herald]

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