DADT Repeal Actually Going To Happen, If Lieberman Can Stop Time Itself


Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) is backing the standalone Don't Ask, Don't Tell bill in the Senate, his office confirms to TPM. So is Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). The pair join Republican Sens. Susan Collins (ME) and Olympia Snowe (ME) in publicly supporting the measure, giving it more than enough votes to secure the 60 needed for cloture, the first step before a final vote that would almost assuredly come down on the side of repeal.

So if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can find time for the bill in the closing days of the lame duck session, it appears that the military's ban on openly gay servicemembers would end this year.

Great! If only the rest of their party decided they didn't need to read the omnibus page-by-page on the floor. It's sacrilegious, insulting the Baby Jesus, who couldn't read. [TPM]


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