* To sum up: guy accuses white house of bad intelligence practices, White House uses henchman for a white collar hatchet job on guy's wife - thereby offending both legal and natural practice. You care because when Scooter Libby's trial starts tomorrow the witness stand will be a virtual "Who's Evil in Washington: 2003." [WP, NYT]

* Dick Cheney gives the same answer to every question: "There's nothing wrong with it or illegal." [NYT]

* Troop surge was "the only option," obv. [WP]

* And Democrats are against it, this they know for sure. [NYT]

* Government contractors in Iraq may soon add "take it to prison" to their already established "taking it to the bank." [WP]

* Robert Gates enjoyed his evening with UK counterpart Des Browne, wants a second date. [NYT]

* Two more Hussein lieutenants hanged, coming soon to a theater near you. [LAT]

* Republican presidential contenders have a hard time finding where to sit on Iraq plan. [USAT]

* Martin Luther King so well loved that only 2 in 10 college students don't have a clue who he was. [WP]


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