Daily Briefing - Alito: 'Revenge of the Nerd'

WP-ABC poll: 49% of Americans want Samuel Alito confirmed, 30% do not; 73% of Republicans, 33% of Democrats support him; 44% believe his positions are "about right." [WP]

Gang of 14 might be "fraying" over Alito; Ben Nelson has a "comfort level" with the nominee. [USAT, WT]

Alito's record on civil rights is "a significant cleavage point between his supporters on the right and detractors on the left, even before activists on both sides have completed poring over his opinions." [WP]

Alito told Richard Durbin that he carefully deliberated over '91 abortion judgment: "He said he had spent more time worrying and working over that decision than over any other decision he made when he was a judge." [NYT]

Alito has been private with his personal political opinions. [LAT]

Alito "dissents slightly more often than the typical appeals court judge, and his dissenting opinions are almost always more conservative than the majority's." [NYT]

Democrats want to take their time with Alito. [LAT]

Alito favored some gay rights in college. [LAT]

Alito joined ROTC at Princeton to be an officer if drafted. [WP]

With Alito, the "revenge of the nerd" strikes the Senate, writes Milbank. [WP]


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