Novak suggests Plame's name may have come from a directory, meaning "he might well have figured it out by himself." However, the book did not indicate her affiliation with the CIA. [NYT]

Bush circumvents Senate and nominates Bolton as ambassador to the UN. [WP, NYT, WSJ, LAT, USAT]

Intelligence indicates Iran is a decade away from having the ability to make nuclear weapons; timeframe contrasts White House account. [WP]

Democrats ask for documents from 16 cases in effort to decipher Roberts' opinions. [NYT, WT]

Medicaid has added 13m recipients in 5 years; one in three Americans now receive government health care. [USAT]

Bush's nominations designed to "reassert executive prerogatives lost under predecessor and limit public access to the internal workings of government." [WP]

Administration's "reforms [of the UN] are well on their way to completion," says official. [NYT]

"No clear winner" in fight over Bolton, says professor. [USAT]

Romney underlines his conservative resume with eye on '08. [NYT]


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