Daily Briefing: Ancient Lands, Ancient People Affect Elections

  • Iraq is a "serious concern" for President Bush and he is "unsatisfied," but we're still totally winning, obv. [WP, LAT]

  • In many Congressional races Iraq has become the central issue. "For Republicans it is a problem to be navigated and for Democrats a stick to be brandished." [WP]

  • New Jersey's highest court affirms equal benefits for same-sex couples. Gary Bauer thinks it's great. [NYT, USAT]

  • Can't wait for Democrats to sweep into Congress next month, comrade? These Democrats may be a bit more conservative than you're used to. [LAT, USAT]

  • There are ghosts in the voting machines and the old ass poll workers can't get them out. [WSJ]

  • Apparently all the crazy shit candidates are saying is because they're "strained" by the tough campaign season, and not because they're actually crazy. [NYT]

  • Kid who first put the Foley emails on the web was fired from Human Rights Campaign, but is still anonymous. [NYT]

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