• Bush was intent on invading Iraq in January, 2003, even with the knowledge that Saddam Hussein had no unconventional weapons. "Extremely sensitive" memo summarizing meeting with Tony Blair shows both leaders believed victory would come quickly and ethnic strife was "unlikely." Bush contemplated assassinating Hussein or painting a U.S. "surveillance plane in the colors of the United Nations in hopes of drawing fire." Chief advisor to Blair: "Our diplomatic strategy had to be arranged around the military planning." [NYT]
  • The public is losing confidence in the war and lawmakers that supported it; experts believe "this might mark a turning point in public perception." [NYT]
  • Large rallies support immigrants as lawmakers confront legislation aimed at curbing illegal immigrants. [NYT, USAT, WT]
  • Pressure is on to make full disclosure of dealings with lobbyists; proposals demand accountability. [WP]
  • Hillary is following Bush's 1998 campaign strategy for her reelection. [NYT]
  • Laura Bush churns through staff at a faster clip than her husband. [NYT]
  • Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner is distributing PAC funds to candidates in key '08 states. [WT]

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