Daily Briefing: Baby's Got a Secret

  • CIA's secret terrorist prisons not so secret anymore, covert operatives feel "relieved" to have the cat out of the bag. [WP, NYT, LAT]

  • Senate Intelligence Committee voting to declassify report on use of intelligence in the planning stages of the Iraq war. [WP]

  • Patrick Fitzgerald finally gets one right as former Illinois governor heads to prison on corruption charges. [WP]

  • ABC's fictional "The Path to 9/11" called fiction by incensed members of the Clinton administration. [WP]

  • Joe Lieberman 's back in town, and he's bringing the awkwardness with him everywhere he goes. [NYT, LAT]

  • With secret prison speech, Bush demonstrates his power to steer the national debate. [USAT]

  • Where, oh where, did the $88 billion in Hurricane money go? [NYT]

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