• France recommits larger number of soldiers, takes leadership of the "United Nations Interim Force of Lebanon." [WP, W$J]

  • Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) has eyes opened during 14th trip to Iraq, says we need "to have a timeline for troop withdrawal." [WP]

  • Bush spends this week fishing with family in Kennebunkport, hiding from Cindy Sheehan, and covering up his New England roots. [WP]

  • Emergency contraceptive "Plan B" approved by FDA, to be available in pharmacies without a prescription by the end of the year. [WP, NYT]

  • All the big names are going to Iowa pretending to fundraise for mid-terms, but it's really about 2008. [NYT]

  • Kentucky Governor signs plea deal in hiring scandal; Kentucky Attorney General holds press conference, respects seersucker Thursday. [NYT]

  • State Department secretive about investigation into Israel breaking secret agreements and secretly using restricted bombs. [NYT]

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