• Congressional hearings on terror detainees resemble a "partisan media event" as both parties use last week of session to look smart, busy. [NYT, WP]

  • Warrantless spying bill clears one hurdle, others remain. [WP, LAT]

  • Liquids and gels can go back on the planes, provided they're in tiny bottles and scanned separately. [NYT, WP, USAT, W$J]

  • British soldiers kill high-ranking Al-Qaeda member in Iraq, who had previously escaped from an American prison in Afghanistan. [NYT]

  • Marlboro Lights ain't no Diet Coke, Judge rules. [NYT]

  • Home prices decline for first time in a decade, effect on overall economy unknown. [LAT]

  • The big newspapers pick up story of George Allen and the n-bombs. [NYT, WP]

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