Daily Briefing: Castaway

Bush's "political authority appears to be ebbing"; Social Security plan could cause a "fiery wreck." Historian: "The Democrats don't fear him anymore, and they're getting greedy, because they think they can beat him. The attitude you see among Republicans in Congress is, my lifeboat first." [NYT]

Bush under pressure from all sides to act on global warming; Senate Energy Chairman Pete Domenici (R-NM) steps out front in debate. [WSJ]

Clinton says close Gitmo or reform it: "I still don't think you can just hold these people forever. I think sooner or later you've got to move or let them go, you can't say, 'we know' because its all secret. It is just inimical to a free society." [FT, FT]

Advocacy groups and politicians gear up for Supreme Court vacancy. Reid's flack: "We're discussing a 24-hour plan and a 72-hour plan because there is a recognition we need to move quickly right out of the box." [NYT, LAT]

Durbin urged to apologize for Nazi comparison. [LAT]

Biden will seek '08 nomination if he has a chance. [WP]

Stevens quiet on details and expenses of recent trip to the Paris Air Show. [WT]

Senators move to define detainees. [WT]

State Department post-Bolton has been more willing to find common ground. Former official: "[E]ven when there was obvious interest by the president in moving things forward, Bolton often found ways of stopping things by tying the interagency process in knots." [WP]


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