Daily Briefing: Democrats Bet Their Bottom Dollar

* Congressional Republicans push through change to health insurance rules at the buzzer. [WP]

* Meanwhile, Democrats fail to extort concessions from oil and gas companies. "Wait 'til next year," they say. [WSJ]

* That's when they'll be relying on younger members' "energy" and "intensity" to get everything they want from the 110th Congress. [WP]

* State department intelligence on Iranian nuclear terrorists powered by Google. [WP]

* William Jefferson wins reelection, reaffirms superiority of the American political system. [WP, NYT]

* Iraq Study Group's report exposes rift among Republicans. James Baker and Lee Hamilton claim they got no beef with President Bush, and want to know who you callin' "surrender monkey?" [WP, NYT]

* Barack Obama goes to New Hampshire, tells giant crowd that he doesn't trust his own hype. [WP, NYT]

* In his farewell speech today, Kofi Annan will rip White House policies in the only dapper, civilized, and slightly accented way he knows. [USAT]

* Havana-born Republican congresswoman calls for the assignation of Fidel Castro, dog bites man. [NYT]

* Republican Presidential hopefuls kiss Bush family ass, dog bites man. [LAT]


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