Files show Roberts tried to "shield" President Reagan and his administration from legal troubles, "political blunders and public relations missteps." In 1985, Roberts advised on AIDS: "I do not think we should have the president taking a position on a disputed scientific issue of this sort." [NYT, LAT]

Roberts disapproved expansion of women's rights by the Reagan administration and questioned legal challenges to the "purported gender gap." [WP, LAT]

Shaffer says claims about Able Danger are from two associates, not his own memory. [WP]

"The Democrats aren't scoring points in terms of landing any significant punches on Bush or in terms of saying anything meaningful to the American people," says Zogby. [WT]

Sheehan leaves Crawford to visit her hospitalized mother; expects to return to ranch soon. [NYT]

Roberts supported national identification cards in 1983; argued cards would "not suddenly mean constitutional protections would evaporate." [WSJ, USAT]

Defense Department officials express concern about Chavez and Castro in echo of cold war rhetoric. [NYT]

White House defends drug policies, specifically regarding meth. [NYT]

Bush has no quick fix for rising gas prices. [WP]

Cheney maintains U.S. "will not relent" in Iraq. [WP]

Rice calls for China to change its economic policies. [NYT]

Feingold calls for full withdrawal from Iraq by '06. [WP]

With over 1,000 days until the '08 election, prospective candidates begin uphill battle; Bayh heads straight for Iowa. [LAT]

Tourists look for Bush in Crawford. Said one, "I was disappointed." [USAT]

Site touting Christopher Walken for president is --surprise-- a joke. [LAT]


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