Daily Briefing: Don't Just Do Something, Sit There

  • The administration moves to reclassify sensitive information on the US's nuclear arsenal, like how many missiles we had in the 1960's. [WP]

  • European nations delay committing peacekeeping troops to Lebanon, play hot potato between giant international bureaucracies. [NYT]

  • Only 20 are killed during annual Shiite pilgrimage in Baghdad, leading to praise for "draconian" security measures used to lower the death toll from last year's 950. [LAT, NYT]

  • JonBenet Ramsey suspect John Karr is flown to LA, no snakes aboard plane. [CNN]

  • Next week is the anniversary of hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is still screwed, and Houston's getting pissed. [USAT; LAT]

  • As Saddam Hussein's war crimes trial begins he still refuses to enter a plea or wear a tie. [WP, NYT]

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