* Cheney urged to address the hunting accident "as early as today." [WP]

* Scott McClellan did not disclose hunter's heart attack to reporters during White House press briefing; hunter's death could spark a grand jury investigation, possibly with criminal charges. [WP, NYT, NYT, W$J, USAT]

* Reporters cornered McClellan at the briefing. David Gregory: "Don't tell us that you're giving us complete answers when you're not actually answering the questions." David Sanger: "This is our briefing; we get to ask the questions." [WP]

* Tension between the White House and Cheney's staff is "palpable"; Cheney "plays by rules of his own making." [NYT, USAT]

* White House successfully suppressing House investigation of NSA eavesdropping. [WP]

* Jack Abramoff's "reputation for close relationships with the White House and congressional officials enabled him to charge stratospheric fees from his lobbying clients"; lobbyist's successful work for Malaysia "suggests closer ties than previously acknowledged between the disgraced lobbyist and the highest levels of the Bush White House." [LAT]

* Sen. Reid (D-Nev.) wrote at least four letters on behalf of tribes that Abramoff represented; staffers were in frequent contact about legislation. [LAT]

* The rise of the Lincoln Group "has been built in part by exaggerated claims about its abilities and connections." Associate of the company: "They appear very professional on the surface, then you dig a little deeper and you find that they are pretty amateurish." [NYT]

* "Organizational chaos" of the Senate is worsening, likely due to politics. [NYT]

* National Counterterrorism Center manages database of 325,000 names with suspected links to terrorism. [WP]

* Asbestos bill falls short of needed votes in the Senate. [WP, NYT, W$J]

* Proposed restructuring of FEMA "only scratch the surface of needed changes." [WP]

* Harry Whittington has always been "a die-hard Republican." [NYT]

* Sen. Hillary Clinton: "We are approaching a real turning point" on Medicare. [WT]

* George Lucas helps Democrats with "innovation agenda." [LAT]

* Firstgov.gov -- upgraded. [WP]


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