Daily Briefing: Doomed to Repeat It

  • House ethics committee to investigate lawmakers handling of information concerning safety of Capitol pages, has no jurisdiction over now-resigned Foley himself. Hastert's, "I haven't done anything wrong" looking to be the, "I am not a crook" of the 21 st. century. [WP, NYT]

  • Nice background piece on Hastert, his rise to speaker, and how he's been eating out for every meal since 1986. [NYT]

  • Completely crappy background piece on New Media's role in politics, focuses on Drudge, mentions several radio shows. [WP]

  • Border fence legislation must climb many obstacles to get built, irony lost on all. [WP]

  • "White evangelical or born-again Christians" rethinking allegiance to GOP. [WP]

  • Former Foley challenger, and soon-to-be Foley seat-taker Tim Mahoney's campaign slogan, "to restore integrity to public office" attracts voters who want a candidate that can see the future. [WSJ no sub. req.]

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