Daily Briefing: Downtown Love Nest

Oh Man I Wish Judy Was Here When the White House blinks: fresh revelations about Kerik's Ground Zero-area apartment for liaisons keep story rolling; bewildered staffer sees "hubris on both sides." Former official: "The understanding is: You tell us everything, and we'll help you get through this. The difficulty here was Kerik's definition of 'everything.'" [WP, NYT, NYT]

Bush's ambitious plans face steep opposition from united groups; AARP warns Social Security reform would "make the problem worse." [WP]

Senate Armed Services Committee to hold hearings on Iraq preparations, insurgency, armor. [WP]

Justice Department asked to investigate disclosure of $9.5b spy satellite program. [NYT]

Bush "virtually obliterated" Kerry in the South: won 85% of counties there and 90% of those with white majorities. Bush stakes claim to white vote; Rove: "This is a cumulative process that has gained critical momentum in the past four years." [LAT]

Estimates indicate thousands of frustrated voters in Ohio gave up on election day. Professor: "There isn't enough to prove fraud, but there have been very significant problems in running elections in Ohio this year that demand reform." Conyers demands FBI investigation into "inappropriate and likely illegal election tampering." [WP, NYT]

Bonner, Hutchinson, Lieberman, Townsend floated for DHS. [WT]

Franks, Tenet, Bremer join Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Mr. Rogers as Metal of Freedom recipients. Bush: "Today this honor goes to three men who have played pivotal roles in great events and whose efforts have made our country more secure and advanced the cause of human liberty." [WP, NYT, USAT, WT]

ANWR drilling can pass, according to Republican senators who are assessing priorities. [WSJ]

Two-day economic summit commences. [USAT, WT]

Nation unprepared for bioterrorism, reports non-profit. [USAT]

Texas to play role in inaugural; Texans vying for tickets. [WT]


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