Daily Briefing: Emily's List Pissed

Court to reporters Judith Miller and Matt Cooper: testify or serve time. Case will likely go to Supreme Court. Times' Sulzberger: "We are deeply dismayed." Miller: "For all the mistakes that we journalists make at times, try running a functioning democracy without us." [WP, NYT, NYT, LAT]

Congressional Republicans will show constituents DVD of Bush urging action on Social Security. [WP]

Chertoff confirmed 98-0 to head DHS. [NYT, LAT, USAT]

Democrats risk alienating activists as they rework abortion stance. Emily's List responds: "We fought like mad to beat back the Republicans. Little did we know that we would have just as much to fear from some within the Democratic Party who seem to be using choice as a scapegoat for our top-of-the-ticket losses." [NYT]

White House seeks friendly Democratic lawmakers for unity, legislation, and romantic dinners. [WSJ]

$82b for war expected to pass Senate; Kerry calls for additional funds: ""I think my security proposals for the country were smack on, dead on." [WT, USAT, WP]

Level of immigration will effect Social Security costs. [NYT]

ACLU asks Gonzales to open independent investigation into detainee abuse. [WP]

HHS criticized for editing gay terms from program for conference on suicide prevention. [WP]

Laura begins campaign to save gang members. [WT]

Senators detest Bush's plan to increase security fees on airline tickets. [WP]

Senators question budget cuts to veterans' care. [NYT]


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