The Washington Post's Walter Pincus told the grand jury that a third administration official --not Rove or Libby-- volunteered information about Wilson and Plame in July 2003. [NYT]

House passes CAFTA by 2 votes. [WSJ, LAT, WP, NYT]

Democrats incensed that White House is withholding Roberts' tax returns. [WP, LAT]

Senate Judiciary Committee submits questionnaire to Roberts regarding his political activities, memberships, and his role on the presidential transition team. [NYT]

Parties bicker about ground rules for battle over Roberts. [WP]

Memos show Roberts was consistently conservative while working for the Reagan administration. [NYT]

Military commander says withdrawal of troops from Iraq could begin in the spring. [WP, USAT]

Schumer "is emerging as the Democratic point man in the battle over" Roberts and has 80 questions for the nominee. [NYT]

Schumer, Leahy call on Roberts to clarify his position on Roe v. Wade. [WT]

EPA delays report on fuel economy loopholes because timing was "inopportune" for the White House. [NYT]

Panel headed by Samuel Berger and Brent Scowcroft conclude the administration was unprepared for postwar in Iraq. [WP]

Three veterans of the war in Iraq are running for Congress as Democrats. [USAT]

Ad spending on Supreme Court fight was overestimated. [USAT]

GOP senators move ahead to shield gun-makers from civil suits. [USAT]

Congress prepares to block construction of a 12-story office building near the Capitol. [WSJ]

House, Senate green-light $286.4b highway bill. [WSJ, NYT]

Energy bill likely to boost nuclear-power industry. [WSJ]

Bush wants immigration legislation this fall. [WT]

Pataki declines re-election bid, considers presidential campaign; cable news networks did not carry his speech. [WP, NYT]


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