* Pat Leahy thinks Karl Rove needs to go under oath. Chuck Schumer thinks it's "highly unlikely" that Alberto Gonzales will have a job after this week. [NYT]

* David Iglesias was the world's greatest voter fraud prosecutor before he wasn't. [WP]

* Carol Lam, on the other hand, got what she deserved for inconveniencing esteemed government officials like Duke Cunningham and Dusty Foggo. [WP, LAT]

* US Military is unprepared to begin new exciting wars. [WP]

* Patrick Kennedy tells Ted Kennedy to, "do it for the crazies dad, do it for me." [NYT]

* State Department gives North Korea its drug money back. [NYT]

* What's this "internet primary" all the kids are talking about these days? [WSJ]

* The Smithsonian: still free, thanks to tax-payers like you. [WP]


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