Daily Briefing: Go With What Works

  • Bush addresses UN General Assembly, wants to embrace a peace-loving Iran, avoids Ahmadinejad like he had the enriched uranium in his pocket. [WP, NYT, LAT, W$J]

  • White House "blinks" in stand-off with McCain's gang, torture bill being revised. [NYT]

  • Troop levels in Iraq not going down in 2006, could go up. [WP]

  • Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki at least partially to blame for that. [NYT]

  • Laura Bush "is the most popular Republican in the country right now." [WP]

  • Seemingly bloodless coup in Thailand threatens young democracy, stalwart sex trade unaffected, thanks for asking. [W$J]

  • An Iraqi reporter chillingly laments the lack of good Samaritans in his Baghdad neighborhood. [LAT]

  • Aerospace giant Boeing wins multi-billion dollar contract for border security in spite of the massive fuck-ups with its luggage screening work. [WP]

  • George Allen figures a little extra ethnicity couldn't hurt, embraces Jewish roots. [WP]

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