Democrats threaten to filibuster against the extension of the Patriot Act. Feingold (D-Wis.): "This is worth the fight." [NYT, WSJ, USAT]

The CIA has secret Counterterrorist Intelligence Centers in more than two dozen countries; new emphasis on cooperation with intel agencies of other countries. [WP]

22 Republicans join Democrats to defeat GOP spending plan; "stunned" Republican leaders, left scrambling, pass "softened" bill hours later along party lines, 217 to 215. [WP, NYT, WSJ, LAT]

Administration's response to its critics stems from 2004 campaign tactics; Bush said to be "happy to be fighting back." [WP, LAT]

Who was Bob Woodward's source? Executive editor of the Washington Post: "[I]f the information is found independent of our source relationship, sure we'll print it." [WSJ, NYT, NYT]

Rep. John Murtha (D-Penn.), a Vietnam veteran, tearfully calls for the immediate withdrawal of forces from Iraq; 13 service members from his district have died in Iraq. Murtha: "Our military has done everything that has been asked of them. It is time to bring them home." [WP, NYT, WSJ, LAT, USAT]

Bush, in South Korea, says a North Korea with nuclear weapons "will not be tolerated"; trip is overshadowed by criticism of Iraq war. [NYT, WSJ, USAT]

Bush's meeting with Putin "was choreographed to minimize the potential for another display of the tensions that now color their relationship." [USAT]

Advocacy ads about Alito hit the airwaves. [WP, NYT]

Americans are feeling more isolationist, less unilateralist, according to Pew study. [NYT]

Senate Indian Affairs Committee digs into friend of Jack Abramoff. [WP, LAT]


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