Daily Briefing: His Cult of Personality Is His Plainness Edition

What Me WorryBush believes "accountability moment" was the election; Bartlett says president's support of marriage amendment has not diminished. [NYT]

Bartlett: "There's no expectation that career employees [of the Social Security Administration] would be asked to advocate on behalf of any specific prescription for Social Security. But one thing they can do, and what anybody can do, is to look at the numbers, and they're undeniable." [NYT]

Frist hints at Social Security cuts. [WP]

Bush, under pressure from Jeb, Martinez rethinks retiring USS Kennedy; loss of carrier would be blow to Jacksonville economy. [WP]

Rice to outline goals in opening statement of hearings; Powell on Rice: "Now her challenge is not to just deal with strong and different points of view and coordinate them; she is now one of them." [WP, NYT]

Kennedy "leaning against" voting for Gonzales. [WP]

Bush dynasty, unlike most, has upward trajectory. Scholar: "His cult of personality is his plainness." [WP]

22 gay rights groups publish common goals, including the end of military restrictions and opposition to anti-gay marriage legislation. [WP]

New chairman of Civil Rights Commission: "I am not a civil rights activist." Critic: "It signals the end of the commission as an independent voice for the protection of civil and human rights." [WP]

The Gingrich brand is rehabilitated. Gingrich: "Think of me as the domestic equivalent of Henry Kissinger... I am an ally, not a subordinate." [LAT]

Democrats woo Jim Wallis, prominent left-leaning evangelical Protestant. [NYT]

Seeing future voters, parties court youngsters. [WSJ]

[REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque]


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