Daily Briefing: House Select Committee On 'Told You So'

* The 126 House Democrats that voted against the Iraq war in 2002 enjoy feeling prescient, will soon enjoy chairing powerful committees. [WP]

* Robert Gates's confirmation hearings begin tomorrow, learn all you never needed to know about him today. [WP, LAT]

* The "other" Iraq Study Group, working for Gen. Peter Pace, recommends more troops in Iraq. So, there's that. [WSJ]

* National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley tells Russert that "significant changes" are afoot for Iraq, still hasn't a clue what they're likely to be. [WP, NYT]

* Barack Obama's massive popularity and promise is pissing off other potential Presidential candidates... [NYT]

* ...like second-generation White House grasper Evan Bayh, whose exploratory committee has begun exploring. [WP]

* President Bush can't stop thinking about those Alaskan oil fields. [NYT]

* CIA unable to sway Venezuelan Presidential elections as Hugo Chavez wins easily. [LAT]

* Steven Spielberg, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dolly Parton, and Smokey Robinson among those "knighted" at the Kennedy Center Honors last night. [NYT]


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