• Two of the White House's most controversial anti-terror programs are on the hill and multiple incarnations in multiple committees are making for confusing parallel legislation. [NYT, WP, LAT]

  • Bush's approval rating goes up one percentage point for every thousand mentions of phrase, "Iraq and terrorism." [WSJ]

  • House unwilling to give up anonymous earmarks for even a couple of weeks. [NYT]

  • International Atomic Energy Agency claims a recent House Intelligence committee report on Iran is "erroneous, misleading and unsubstantiated." [NYT]

  • Nationwide shortage of poll workers; ones we have too old, stupid. [USAT]

  • House Republicans want 700 miles of fence built along the border with Mexico. [NYT]

  • Who's the gunslinger now? Novak blasts Armitage. [WP]

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