Daily Briefing: 'How could we break it?'

Woodward contacted Felt the day after the Watergate break-in; Felt said the case was going to "heat up." [WP, WP]

Felt: "It's doing me good. I'll arrange to write a book or something, and collect all the money I can." [NYT]

Ben Bradlee: "We were the only people who were clinically and morally bound not to break this story, so how could we break it?" [WP]

Bush will not increase aid to Africa, escalating tension between him and Blair. [NYT]

Pentagon delays release of May recruitment numbers until mid-June; more time needed to "explain them to the public." [WT]

Attorney John O'Connor persevered to publish Felt's account. [WSJ]

Those who predicted Felt are obviously vindicated. [NYT]

Frist supports ambitious study of infectious diseases. [NYT]

Hillary e-mails supporters: "I need your help to fight back." [NYT]


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