Daily Briefing: In the Third Grade

Senators prepare for vote on nuclear option. Lindsey Graham calls compromise on filibusters "doable": "We're all grown men and women and we're behaving like we're in the third grade." [WP, NYT, USAT, LAT, LAT, WT]

Laura jeered in Jerusalem: "You are not welcome here!. . . Why are you hassling our Muslims?. . . Koran! Koran!" [WP, NYT]

Pollsters think both parties are damaged by filibuster fight. Senate Republican memo: "As a result of this debate, both Senate Republicans and Democrats have seen drops in brand images, but Democrats are losing much more ground than we are." [NYT]

Dean resolute to Russert: DeLay "is not an ethical person, and he ought not to be leading Congress, period. And it is endemic of what happens in Congress when one party controls everything." [NYT, LAT, WT]

Norquist spirals with Abramoff. [NYT]

Some Democrats concerned balance on circuit courts will tip conservative. [WSJ]

Christian left increasingly turned off by Bush's policies. Author: "The monologue of the religious right is over. There is a progressive, moderate evangelical constituency that is huge." [NYT]

Romney profiled as '08 contender; says it's "a long way off." [USAT, USAT]


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