• Authorities allege that Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) formed a "corporate labyrinth" to "secretly receive illegal payments." [WP]

  • The Bush administration appears reluctant to enforce medical privacy laws; no civil fines have been issued despite 19,420 reported grievances. [WP]

  • Lawsuits target electronic voting in at least six states. [USAT]

  • South Dakota ruling has made abortion a top campaign topic in local races cross the country. [NYT]

  • '08 campaign calendars and speculation align as Mark Warner (D) and Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) share a ballroom in Richmond. [WP]

  • Rep. Katherine Harris's (R-Fla.) Senate campaign is "inspiring dread among many in her party." [USAT]

  • Indian-Americans wage widespread campaign to ease passage of Bush's nuclear deal with India. [NYT]

  • Gore dampens the rumor mill: "I can't imagine any circumstances in which I would become a candidate again." [AP]

  • Secret Service apprehend a man who tried to scale the White House fence after throwing plastic bags onto the lawn. [AP]


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