Daily Briefing: 'It's going to take years of focused effort to alleviate those problems'

In 2000, military intelligence suspected Mohammed Atta and three other would-be 9/11 hijackers were members of domestic Al Qaeda cell; information was not shared with the FBI. [NYT]

NARAL advocacy advertisement claims that "Roberts filed court briefs supporting violent fringe groups and a convicted clinic bomber"; supporters cry foul. Mehlman: "By attempting to assert that Judge Roberts supports shameful criminal acts, NARAL has shown how far they will go to slander a good man for political gain." [WP, USAT, LAT]

Troop levels in Iraq may increase temporarily this fall for election security; current force of 138,000 could rise to 160,000. [USAT]

Specter wants to question Roberts about "cases involving the authority of Congress to pass broad social legislation." [NYT]

Gallup Poll: 56% say war is going badly; 57% believe war has made country more vulnerable; approval of Bush steady at 45%. [USAT]

Bush authorizes energy bill as oil prices hit record highs: "Most of the serious problems, such as high gasoline costs, or the rising dependence on foreign oil, have developed over decades. It's going to take years of focused effort to alleviate those problems." [WP, NYT]

Snow acknowledges economic inequality; Bush meets with economic team today. [WP]

Pirro announces bid to challenge Hillary: "We are just a way station in her run for the presidency. . . My full-time is a whole lot better than her part-time." GOP commits to raising $30m for Pirro's campaign. [NYT, USAT]

Christian groups urge administration to pressure North Korea on human rights. [NYT]

Energy department is led by a "corporate-style structure. . . of Bush administration loyalists and experienced energy officials." [WP]


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