• The Mexican Presidential election is too close to call, with both Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Felipe Calderón claiming victory. The actual results may not be announced until Wednesday. Each candidate has promised to respect the final results. [LAT, WP, NYT]

  • President Bush and Senator John McCain have forged an uneasy political bond, with McCain visited the White House regularly to advice the President and the White House tacitly helping his '08 bid. ""He calls me Johnny Mac," McCain says, though they can't actually stand each other. [NYT]

  • You can't buy happiness. [WP]

  • The Democratic plan for retaking the Senate involves a big push in rural areas, especially in the midwest and south. Also, text messages. [WP, WP]

  • Republicans have done an about-face on political 527 groups. After initially proposing legislation banning them, they're now finding them a useful political tool. [WSJ]

  • An LA Times survey confirms: Americans still won't vote for weirdo religions. 37% wouldn't vote for a Mormon president, and, unsurprisingly, 54% wouldn't vote for a Muslim. [LAT]

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