• House Republicans took up military tribunals for detainees yesterday, embracing a significantly more conservative position than their Senate counterparts. Meanwhile, President Bush has asked Congress to ratify the tribunals already set up by the Defense Department. [WP, NYT]

  • Between Israel's new war in Gaza and Lebanon, Iran's nukes, and Iraq just being Iraq, the Bush administration is in a bit of trouble mideast-wise, and it's all Iran's fault. [WP]

  • Hillary Clinton faces an electorate made up of people who have already made up their minds about her. [WP]

  • Congressional Democrats present their own gay marriage political lightning rod: the minimum wage raise. With state ballot initiatives and everything. [NYT]

  • The Emergency Broadcast System is being updated to eventually include disaster text messages from your federal government. [NYT]

  • Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, Michael Scanlon, and Neil Volz are all being sued by an Indian tribe for fraudulently closing said tribe's casino while working for a rival. [NYT]

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