* Condoleezza Rice "counselor" Philip Zelikow resigns, claims loyalty will keep him from writing a tell-all. [WP, NYT]

* Government contracts to receive closer scrutiny by Democratic congress -- "tranny hookers" still allowable, as long as their fees are added to the catering line on expense reports. [WP]

* They're still counting votes in Ohio's 15th District. [AP, NYT]

* Kofi Annan says of civil war in Iraq, "We are almost there." An Iraqi leader says, "It's worse than a civil war." The Saudi royal family says, "Jump." Dick Cheney says, "How high?" [WP]

* The Los Angeles Times has been saying it was a civil war since October. [LAT]

* A "senior intelligence official" says al-Sadr's Iraqi Shiite Militia receives training from Hezbollah. [NYT]

* Justice Department opens "a full review" of Bush's warrantless wiretapping program. [NYT]

* New House Democrat Chris Carney knows something about Iraq, nothing about choking mistresses. [NYT]

* Christian Coalition parts ways with pastor who wants to help poor, save planet. [NYT]


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